HSI Series

This is our HSI range with Toroid Transformer, pure sine wave, and built-in solar charge controller.


GI Series

This is our GI range with Toroid Transformer, pure sine wave and 3x Startup capability.

PV Series

Our PV Range With A 12V, 24V or 48V 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Built In.

Model Battery Input Voltage Rating
PV35-4KW 48VDC 4 000W
PV35-8KW 48VDC 8 000W



IR Series

Our IR Range Is A Pure Sine Wave Inverter With A Super Charger, LCD Display, And Automatic Changeover.

Stock Code Battery Input Voltage Rating
INV-CP-1512 12VDC 1 500W
INV-CP-3024 24VDC 3 000W
INV-CP-5048 48VDC 5 000W
INV-CP-6048 48VDC 6 000W
INV-CP-10048 48VDC 10 000W



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