Online Double Conversion 3 Phase to Single Phase UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Battery Backup System

Range: 10kVA ~ 20kVA (3:1 Phase)

3 1 Phase Online UPS


  • Online Dual Conversion for zero switching time
  • Output Power Factor 0.9
  • Intelligent charging management for extended battery life
  • Multi-COMM Ports for flexible monitoring USB/RS232/SNMP
  • Selectable Output Voltages 200, 208, 220, 230, 240VAC


Please ask us about:

**SNMP Optional

**Extended Warranty Optional


You know that South Africa has one of the most unstable power grids on earth. Our utility power is never a guarantee. You need dependable power delivery to protect your valuable equipment. Here at Cooper Power, we can provide you with a steady and stable power source to keep your equipment safe from harm and downtime.

Please see our Warranty Terms & Conditions on this product. It is in our interest to solve problems and supply you with a dependable power solution.

Choose from our wide three to single-phase range, we have formulated a few “Kit” options to choose from. If you do not see a system right for you, we can build systems to support any runtime.

10kVA 9kW Transformerless Online UPS.
Stock Code Rating Battery Capacity Cabinet Backup Time
UPS-CP-3110S 10kVA
20x 12V 7AH C2 5 Mins
UPS-CP-3110H - - - -
UPS-CP-3110H-1 20x 12v 35AH C8 40 Mins
UPS-CP-3110H-2 20x 12v 45AH C12 60-90 Mins
UPS-CP-3110H-3 20x 12v 65AH C20 100-120 Mins
UPS-CP-3110H-4 20x 12v 105AH C20 180-200 Mins

20kVA 18kW Transformerless Online UPS.
Stock Code Rating Battery Capacity Cabinet Backup Time
UPS-CP-3120S 20kVA
20x 12V 17AH C4 10-15 Mins
UPS-CP-3120H - - - -
UPS-CP-3120H-1 20x 12V 35AH C8 18-20 Mins
UPS-CP-3120H-2 20x 12V 45AH C12 25-30 Mins
UPS-CP-3120H-3 20x 12V 65AH C20 40-60 Mins
UPS-CP-3120H-4 20x 12V 100AH C20 90-100 Mins

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