Inverex / Intellipower Single Phase UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Battery Backup System

Range: 1000VA ~ 2000VA (1:1 Phase) 



  • Built-in Charger, Auto Changeover And Inverter System.
  • Offline Ups For High Efficiency, Low Consumption Backup.
  • Large Multi-stage Battery Charger.
  • Charger Only Mode.
  • LED Display, Load Capacity, Battery Level, Input/Output Voltage,


You know that South Africa has one of the most unstable power grids on earth. Our utility power is never a guarantee. You need dependable power delivery to protect your valuable equipment. Here at Cooper Power, we can provide you with a steady and stable power source to keep your equipment safe from harm and downtime.

Please see our Warranty Terms & Conditions on this product. It is in our interest to solve problems and supply you with a dependable power solution.

Choose from our wide UPS range, we have formulated a few “Kit” options for you to choose from. If you do not see the right system for you, we can build systems to support any runtime.

1kVA 700W Simulated Sine Wave UPS.
Stock Code Rating Battery Capacity Cabinet Backup Time



- - - None
UPS-PG1000-1 1x 12V 45Ah C1 1-2 hours
UPS-PG1000-2 1x 12V 65Ah C1 2-3 hours
UPS-PG1000-3 1x 12V 105Ah C1 3-4 hours
UPS-PG1000-6 2x 12V 105Ah C2 6-8 hours


2kVA 1.4kW Simulated Sine Wave UPS.
Stock Code Rating Battery Capacity Cabinet Backup Time



- -   None
UPS-PG2000-1 2x 12V 45Ah C2 1-2 hours
UPS-PG2000-2 2x 12V 65Ah C2 2-3 hours
UPS-PG2000-3 2x 12V 105Ah C2 3-4 hours
UPS-PG2000-6 4x 12V 105Ah C4 6-8 hours

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