Line Interactive Single Phase UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Designed for desktop use, giving you a window of opportunity to save critical information.

This UPS has an Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), USB cable and monitoring software.

Runtimes are based on typical UPS loads.

Stock Code Batteries Rating Backup Time
UPS-CGP-700 1 x 12v 7Ah Internal 700VA(390W) 10-20 mins
UPS-CGP-850 1 x 12v 7Ah Internal 850VA(510W) 10-20 mins
UPS-CGP-1000 2 x 12v 7Ah Internal 1000VA(600W) 10-20 mins
UPS-CGP-1400 2 x 12v 9Ah Internal 1400VA(840W) 10-20 mins
UPS-CGP-2000 2 x 12v 9Ah Internal 2000VA(1200W) 10-20 mins
UPS-CGP-3000 4 x 12v 7Ah Internal 3000VA(1800W) 10-20 mins

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