Solar Charge Controllers





Cost effective solar solution

Simple technology

Strong built quality


High Efficiency >97%

4 Stage charging mode

Short circuit, reverse polarity, output short circuit protection


You know that South Africa has one of the most unstable power grids on earth. Our utility power is never a guarantee. You need dependable power delivery to protect your valuable equipment. Here at Cooper Power, we can provide you with a steady and stable power source to keep your equipment safe from harm and downtime.

Please see our Warranty Terms & Conditions on this product. It is in our interest to solve problems and supply you with a dependable power solution.

Choose from our wide solar controller range, we have various sizes to choose from.

If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Stock Code  Type  Battery Voltage  Charge Current  Panel Voltage  Total Battery Ah 
12V 24V 48V
PWM-20A12/24 PWM 12/24V 20A 50V 50Ah 100Ah -
PWM-30A12/24 PWM 12/24V 30A 50V 75Ah 150Ah -
PWM-40A12/24 PWM 12/24V 40A 50V 100Ah 200Ah -
PWM-50A12/24 PWM 12/24V 50A 50V 125Ah 250Ah -
PWM-60A12/24 PWM 12/24V 60A 50V 150Ah 300Ah -
PWM-30A48 PWM 48V 30A 100V - - 800Ah
PWM-60A48 PWM 48V 60A 100V - - 1600Ah
MPPT-40A12/24 MPPT 12/24V 40A 100V 400Ah 800Ah -
MPPT-60A12/24/48 MPPT 12/24/48V 60A 145V 600Ah 1200Ah 2400Ah