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**Gensets from 0~110kVA: Free delivery included to a ground floor, easy access location within 50km of any of our branches.

**Gensets from 110kVA+: Require a quotation to be arranged


You know that South Africa has one of the most unstable power grids on earth. Our utility power is never a guarantee. You need dependable power delivery to protect your valuable equipment. Here at Cooper Power, we can provide you with a steady and stable power source to keep your equipment safe from harm and downtime.

Please see our Warranty Terms & Conditions on this product. It is in our interest to solve problems and supply you with a dependable power solution.

Choose from our wide Single and 3 phase Generator range. If you do not see a system right for you, we can build systems to support any site.


Stock Code Phase Prime Power

Standby Power



GEN-CPF-1113 1 12kVA 52.2A 13.5KVA 57.4A
GEN-CPF-1122 1 22kVA 95.7A 22KVA 95.7A
GEN-CPF-3316 3 15kVA 21.7A 16.5KVA 23.9A
GEN-CPF-3325 3 23kVA 26.7A 25KVA 29.0A
GEN-CPF-3340 3 37kVA 42.9A 40KVA 46.4A
GEN-CPF-3355 3 50kVA 58.0A 55KVA 63.8A
GEN-CPC-3368 3 62.5kVA 72.5A 68KVA 78.8A
GEN-CPL-3380 3 74kVA 85.8A 80KVA 92.8A
GEN-CPL-33110 3 100kVA 115.9A 110KVA 127.5A
GEN-CPL-33145 3 132kVA 153.0A 145KVA 168.1A
GEN-CPL-33200 3 180kVA 208.7A 200KVA 231.9A
GEN-CPY-33220 3 200kVA 231.9A 220KVA 255.1A
GEN-CPY-33265 3 250kVA 289.9A 265KVA 307.2A
GEN-CPY-33385 3 350kVA 405.8A 385KVA 446.4A
GEN-CPY-33440 3 400kVA 463.8A 440KVA 510.1A
GEN-CPV-33500 3 450kVA 521.7A 500KVA 579.7A

 *All our generators come with weatherproof and sound attenuated canopy.

Customiation - POA Accessories - POA
Mobile Generator Sets Alarm And Strobe Systems 
Open Generator Sets Cellular Alert System
Custom Unit Colours Generator Heating Systems
Extra Corrosive-Resistant Canopies Fire Cut-Off Protection Switch
Bulk Diesel Tanks Manual Diesel Filling Pump
Noise-Attenuated Solutions Electronic Diesel Filling Pump
Container Units  

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