What is the best battery for me?

This page is designed to show you the 'value for money' when comparing our battery range in a solar application.


Please take note of the last column, this shows the cost overall for the battery in a solar application. Lower Price is best.

Make Model A/H 20Hr Price Excl. VAT Number of cycles
to 50% DOD
Cost in Rand per 100Ah per 100 cycles to 50% DOD
Standby Batteries
Royal 1150K 105 R1 776.00 200 R845.71
Solar and/or Standby Batteries
Santak FC12-100 111 R2 098.00 650 R290.78
Solar Batteries
Betta 6-CNFJ-55 60 R2 656.00 3000 R147.56
Betta 6-CNFJ-100 109 R4 409.00 3000 R134.83
Betta 6-CNFJ-200 218 R8 572.00 3000 R131.07
Betta 6-CNFJ-150 163 R6 062.00 3000 R123.97
Discover 12VRE-3000 215 R6 388.00 2500 R118.85
Discover 12VRE-1400 105 R3 023.00 2500 R115.16

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